🙌🏼 Live with Josh Berry 🙌🏼

🙌🏼 Live with Josh Berry 🙌🏼

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📹 Book a live Zoom call with Rafe Hubris📹


We have listened to your requests and are delighted to announce you can now book a hilariously personalised Zoom call with Rafe Hubris - the perfect interactive entertainment for you and your guests! 📹⠀

Lead conservative party advisor Rafe Hubris is by his own admission 'the most promising 24 year old in the country as well as the most classic'. 🎉

For a fee you could spend time with Rafe, benefit from his 'acerbic chat', and learn more about the internal workings of Number 10 as well as the politicians that work in it... he'll even organise a quiz for you or orchestrate your pre-drinks. 🍷

Sign up for some really classic stuff! 😏

What's included

☑️ 10 mins - An opportunity to spend time with Rafe - ask him anything you like! 
☑️ 20 mins - Pre-Drinks - you need to be able to really commit to this one - Rafe doesn't like 'wetties'. 
☑️ 30 mins - A quiz or equivalent. 

What happens after you book?

You will receive a confirmation email with:

1) Your selected date and time which will be confirmed with Josh Berry  

2) A receipt of your purchase

3) A link to the video call which will be valid for your booked time once the time is confirmed. This link can be shared with four of your friends. This will be the second e-mail you receive. 

4) A member of the Thrillz team 

will be in touch to collect a few details to help Josh personalise your event!


1) Please ensure you book your required date at least 2 days in advance 

2) Please ensure you have Zoom downloaded before your call and have a stable wifi connection.

If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ